"NATO" He comments on Russia’s suspension of participation in the treaty "start off"

NATO expressed regret over Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin today announced in his speech to the Russian Federal Assembly the suspension of Russia’s participation in the START treaty, stressing that Russia is “not withdrawing” from the treaty, but “suspends its participation.”

This treaty was signed between Russia and the United States of America on the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms on January 3, 1993. The treaty is a memorandum of understanding on the registration of warheads and data for heavy bombers, as well as a protocol on procedures governing the elimination of heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles.

In his speech to the Federal Assembly today, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that some figures in Washington are considering testing their own nuclear weapons, stressing that the Russian Defense Ministry and Rosatom, in turn, must be prepared to test nuclear weapons if the United States does so. Firstly.

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