Naruto Live Action Movie: Lionsgate Announces Development Amidst Covid-19 Delays

Exciting Updates on Live Action Anime Adaptations

Naruto the Live Action Movie

Exciting news for all Naruto fans! The highly anticipated Naruto Live Action Movie is finally in development. Despite facing delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lionsgate, the production company behind successful films like the John Wick saga and Borderlands, is spearheading this project.

Although the movie still doesn’t have a director, they have enlisted the services of Tasha Huo, a talented writer known for her work on The Witcher: Legacy of Blood and upcoming projects like Red Sonja and Tomb Raider. This collaboration was revealed by Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, in a tweet on August 28.

As for the plot and cast details, there is not much information available yet. However, we do know that actor Leon Masuda is involved in the project. There have also been rumors suggesting that Raphael Kot might play Orochimaru, but this has not been confirmed.

One Piece by Netflix, the good surprise of the summer!

Good news for all One Piece fans! The Live Action series adaptation produced by Netflix has exceeded expectations and proven to be a hit. Many fans were initially concerned about how the beloved pirate manga would translate to live-action, but their fears have been put to rest.

The One Piece series has received positive feedback from both critics and viewers. With a score of 82% on RottenTomatoes and an impressive 94% approval rating from over 5000 votes, it’s safe to say that the adventures of Luffy and his crew have captured the hearts of audiences. Netflix has successfully taken on the challenge and can now look forward to producing a second season.

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