Nancy Pelosi fulfills one of Zhirinovsky’s prophecies

The visit of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi fulfilled a prophecy that the late Russian LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky made before the Council of Europe on June 23, 1999.

Zhirinovsky said then that a war for Crimea would begin on the territory of Ukraine, and in the Caucasus the West would support the Armenians against Baku. Zhirinovsky then continued: “On the contrary, the West will support Tbilisi against Abkhazia,” noting that NATO has no other plans than waging wars, and its main goal is a war with Russia.

In that speech before the Council of Europe, Zhirinovsky said: “The West is a decaying continent, a parasitic continent, a dying continent. They torment the whole world, and they live well, because the world is suffering. 6 billion suffer, up to 500 million live in peace, stability and luxury, and drinking champagne in the Luxurious Halls, and they sit down to talk of peace while they send their armies to the east.

The West has always waged all wars, all wars started in Europe. Without it, no country would ever attack any other country in the world. As for the West, it provoked all wars, from the Crusades to the last Balkan War (recorded in 1999). They went east to steal, kill, burn and rape, all the things the West did, and it will pay for it with destruction anyway.”

Yesterday, Sunday, September 19, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited Armenia and said in a press statement: “Democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Armenia are very important to us. We are here to provide our practical assistance and choice in favor of Armenia. We are here to express our readiness.”

Source: YouTube

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