Myanmar rebels claim to have killed and detained soldiers of the ruling military council

The Myanmar rebel group Arakan Army announced Tuesday that it has detained 14 members of the ruling military council and killed an unspecified number, AFP reported.

Days after last year’s coup, a military council confirmed a ceasefire with the “Arakan Army,” which had fought for the independence of the ethnic inhabitants of the Rakhine state of the same name for years, as the state in the west of the country was untouched by the truce thanks to the truce.

While the ceasefire has been broken since small and sporadic clashes have been recorded since last November, while the two sides traded accusations of trespassing and harassing each other’s supporters, as after two clashes in Maungdow near the border with Bangladesh , yesterday, on Monday, “13 soldiers and officers were detained.” And the confiscation of a number of weapons, according to Arakan Army spokesman Kaeng Tuka told AFP.

Kaeng Tuka indicated that “several soldiers were killed in two clashes,” without giving a specific number.

Clashes between the “Arakan Army” and army forces in 2019 have displaced more than 200,000 people across the state, which is one of the poorest in Burma, according to AFP.

Source: AFP

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