Mosimane said that he received an offer to lead the African team.

South African Pitso Mosimane, a former coach of the Egyptian Al-Ahly, said that he received serious offers to return to the training ground.

Musimani left the leadership of Al-Ahly last June after a 20-month engagement.

The South African coach said in a radio address: “I have an offer to coach a club and another offer to coach an African team. I think this team deserves to come back as African champions.”

He added: “In general I love adventure and I like to take on teams that didn’t achieve anything for a while, the South African Sun Downs which I previously led was not a champion in anything before I went there and succeeded in winning titles. with him.”

Mosimane continued: “It’s the same with Al Ahly, the team came back as African champions and we finished third in the Club World Cup.”

And he continued: “Sometimes you need time to rest, Guardiola (the current manager of Manchester City) did it, and Zinedine Zidane (the former manager of Real Madrid), who won 3 Champions League titles, now does not coach any team.”

Musimani indicated that he left Al Ahli of his own free will, which came as a shock to everyone at the club, explaining that he felt it was time to leave.

He added: “Although I renewed my contract with Al Ahly and thought I would stay for a long time, but all good things come to an end quickly, Al Ahly did not kick me out and did not push me to leave, but on the contrary, I was respected and a strong relationship with President Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the board of directors and the fans of the team.”

Mosimane concluded by saying, “I had great memories there and the fans put up banners with my name and my pictures in the stands, but I needed to get some rest and sit with my family.”

Source: agencies

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