Moscow: Russia continues to work with the European Commission to lift the ban on transit in Kaliningrad

Dmitry Berishevsky, director of the Department for Economic Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that Moscow continues to actively work with Lithuania and the European Commission to lift the transit ban on supplies to Kaliningrad.

“Active diplomatic work with the European Commission and Lithuania continues. We are confident that the issue should be resolved in the near future,” Berishevsky added.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that if the situation with the transit of goods does not stabilize in the coming days, “Russia will take tough measures against Lithuania, the preparation of which has already been completed.”

It is reported that on June 18 Lithuanian Railways stopped the transit of a number of goods to Kaliningrad under the pretext that these goods are subject to EU sanctions.

As a result, the EU Ambassador to Moscow, Markus Eder, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, who demanded that the Russian side immediately resume transit, otherwise retaliatory measures would be taken.

For their part, the Lithuanian authorities deny the violation of the transit agreement and say that they are only complying with EU sanctions against Russia.

In addition, the Izvestia newspaper reported, citing high-ranking Russian sources, that Russia had agreed with the European Union to continue the transfer of goods to the Russian province of Kaliningrad, surrounded by the territories of Lithuania and Poland. , and that Brussels has submitted a document that fully meets Moscow’s requirements.

The newspaper notes that work on the final text has been going on between Brussels and Vilnius (Lithuania) for several weeks.

Source: RIA Novosti + Izvestia

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