Moscow reminds Washington and NATO of the cost of their adventures in Iraq, Libya and Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry recalled the losses suffered by countries that fell victim to the military adventures of Washington and its NATO allies, noting that the material part of these losses amounted to hundreds of billions of dollars.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, wrote on Telegram: “The Russian Foreign Ministry prepared an information material on the consequences of the military adventures of the United States and its European allies over the past two decades and published it on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry. It, citing reliable sources, calculated the material damage suffered by Yugoslavia , Iraq, Libya and Syria from Washington and its henchmen.

“Without claiming to be an accurate account of the losses incurred, even the most inaccurate estimates show that we are talking about trillions of dollars,” she added.

The Russian Foreign Ministry report stated: “The US war machine has brought untold suffering to the Middle East and North Africa,” as more than 205,000 civilians died as a result of the US and its allies’ invasion of Iraq.

The report also includes a photograph of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, which was razed to the ground by US bombing.

As far as Syria is concerned, the report refers to the US and NATO bombings, which led to the complete destruction of the city of Raqqa, as 11,000 buildings were destroyed and 80 percent of the city became uninhabitable.

The report emphasized that “despite the brutal destruction they have inflicted, the Americans continue to refuse assistance and in every possible way prevent the organization of such actions at the international level.”

As a result of the US and NATO invasion of Libya, the loss of the country’s GDP in 2011-2015 is estimated at $216 billion.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the “price of the Libyan conflict” by 2025 will reach a trillion dollars.

The report of the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded that “over the past twenty years alone, the victims of attacks by Western countries alone have suffered material damage in the amount of at least 1.5 trillion US dollars.”

The report stated that “Washington and its allies have not yet found the courage to take responsibility for their criminal acts and compensate the world for all they have done.”

Zakharova pointed out that the publication of this report is connected with repeated statements by Western countries about the recovery of “compensation” from Russia and the confiscation of Russian state and private property abroad “to finance the restoration of Ukraine.”

Source: RT

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