Moscow: Ottawa decision to confiscate assets of Russian businessman Abramovich is a violation of property rights

Russian Ambassador to Ottawa Oleg Stepanov confirmed that Canada’s decision to confiscate the assets of Russian businessman Roman Abramovich on its territory is a gross violation of property rights and a step that discredits Canada’s reputation.

Stepanov said: “This is a robbery and further confirmation that the inviolability of private property in Canada and other Western countries no longer exists, and such actions defy the reputation of Canada.”

“Others watch and understand that if the West doesn’t do something, their assets and accounts will be confiscated,” he added.

Stepanov said that such actions by Ottawa are an additional signal to Russian business that Canada is a dangerous region.

In conclusion, he said: “The Russian embassy does not recommend trade and economic cooperation with Canada in the foreseeable future.”

And the Canadian Foreign Ministry earlier announced the start of freezing the assets of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich before proceeding with their confiscation as part of economic sanctions against Russia.

“Foreign Secretary Melanie Jolie announced today that Canada will withhold and seek the forfeiture of $26 million from Abramovich’s Granite Capital Holdings Ltd, which is under sanctions under special economic measures against Russia,” the Canadian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


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