Moscow: Norwegian experts falsify documents on radioactive contamination of the Kyiv region

The headquarters of the Russian Joint Humanitarian Response Coordination confirmed that Norwegian specialists, together with the Ukrainian security forces, falsified protocols on the presence of radioactive contamination in the Kyiv region.

The headquarters reported that specialists from the Norwegian Nuclear and Radiation Safety Authority participated in the preparation of the “documentary base” and the so-called “independent opinion” on “the alleged radiation impact on the inhabitants of the north and north-west of the Kiev province”. “

The headquarters indicated that the practical implementation of the provocation began at the end of January 2023, through the submission by the Kiev regime of an official request to the European Disaster Response Coordination Center for the supply of 66,000 special protection kits, 20 million civil gas masks, chemical supplies to Ukraine. reconnaissance devices and antitoxins.

He confirmed that Norwegian specialists had surveyed several districts of the Kyiv region, such as the cities of Bucha, Gostomel and Arben, and had drawn up false reports on the presence of “radioactive contamination” in these areas.

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