Moscow: European sanctions harm international trade more than Russia

The Russian representation in the European Union has confirmed that the Union’s ban on the passage of goods into and out of it through the territory of Russia will harm international trade more than it will affect Russia itself.

The mission said: “For the first time, the European Union included in the new sanctions package a ban on the import of a number of goods into Russia. This is nothing more than an attempt to put pressure on trade relations with third countries.”

She added: “Such measures harm not only Russia, but also international trade in general, as they create artificial obstacles on trade routes used for years.”

And the European Union banned on Saturday, as part of the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, the transit of European dual-use goods through Russian territory in order to prevent Moscow from circumventing the sanctions, according to Brussels.

Experts warn of the implications of the move for trade between Asia and Europe, where Russia is the largest country in the world and not passing through its lands would extend trade routes.

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