Moscow commented on the receipt of the seat of the British government

Director of the Second European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Belyaev commented to Liz on the chairmanship of the new government of the United Kingdom, which replaced Boris Johnson, and the emerging development of relations between the two countries.

Belyaev said that Moscow expects the new British Prime Minister Liz Terrace to continue the destructive path of her relations with Russia

He pointed out that Moscow “never initiated the termination of dialogue with the UK.”

Belev emphasized that “every time there is a new British provocation, accompanied by baseless accusations and unilateral sanctions, we call on the British side to exercise caution and refrain from actions that damage relations between our country and our peoples.”

He pointed out that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson contributed to the destruction of the foundations of Russian-British cooperation.

Today, Monday, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss won the Conservative Party leadership to take over the new government of the United Kingdom, succeeding Boris Johnson.

Source: RIA Novosti

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