Moscow.. Builds hammocks and entertainment centers on top of Europe’s tallest skyscrapers

Aeon Development has announced its intention to build hammocks and entertainment centers on some of the skyscrapers that are among the tallest in Moscow and Europe in general.

The company indicated that its new project involves the installation of swings and entertainment facilities on the rooftops of River Park Towers Kutuzovsky, which is 180 meters high and has a roof area of ​​550 square meters.

Representatives of the company explained that after construction, their hammocks will be the highest in Europe. At the moment, the highest hammock in Europe is Over The Edge, which is erected on the roof of the Dam Toren Tower in Amsterdam at a height of about 100 meters.

The new project is being developed in cooperation with the Wowhaus engineering and design office, and in addition to hammocks, small sunbathing areas equipped with jacuzzis, umbrellas and covered areas for various types of recreation will be installed on the roofs of the aforementioned skyscrapers. activities.

The River Park Towers Kutuzovsky complex will consist of five skyscrapers with 45 or 46 floors and will cover an area of ​​184,000 square meters, as well as cafes, parks and various entertainment venues.

Source: Vesti

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