Moscow boasts Europe’s largest electric bus fleet and initiates trial for a new model

The Russian capital of Moscow is experiencing rapid technological progress, and its authorities are working on the widespread use of clean energy sources in the field of transport.

The institution responsible for transportation in the capital, Mosgor Trans, has begun testing the new GAZelle e-City electric bus.

The Russian official indicated that testing of buses will continue until the end of February 2024, indicating that the city authorities are looking forward to applying the best technologies in public transport to ensure the comfort and well-being of Moscow residents.

The official added that Moscow today has the largest fleet of electric buses in Europe, and testing of a new composition of electric vehicles has begun.

In principle, this minibus is ideal for narrow roads and paths with little passenger traffic. The bus is equipped with the best payment methods and USB ports for charging electronic devices (mobile phones).

The buses also have a special platform for the transport of wheelchairs (transportation for people with disabilities) and prams.

Electric buses were launched in Moscow 4 years ago, in 2018. During this period, these vehicles have proven their effectiveness, and today more than a thousand electric buses ply the streets of Moscow, running on 79 routes and carrying about 400 thousand passengers daily.

Source: RT

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