Mortada Mansour’s Stance on Super Bowl Exit Prompts Emergency Meeting

The president of the Egyptian club “Zamalek” Mortada Mansour said that he could not respond to calls to withdraw from the Super Bowl, inviting the board of directors to hold an emergency meeting to discuss many issues in this regard.

According to Zamalek’s official website, the meeting will take place the day after tomorrow, Sunday, at exactly 3 pm Cairo time.

Mortada Mansour said on the Zamalek channel: “Fans are getting calls demanding to withdraw from the Supermatch, with all due respect to the fans, but these calls cannot be answered.”

He explained: “The general meeting of the club elected me to carry out organizational work with the board of directors and make decisions. For me, the interest of the Motherland is No. 1, then the interest of Zamalek is in second place.”

And he continued: “I don’t back down from the decisions I make. I said before that we will not play a cleanup match, and this is what happened. I also said that we will not play an Al Ahli match, and this is what happened.” .

And he added: “I did not see any praise for Amir Mortada, who chose Osorio. The Football Committee has nothing to do with signing a contract with the current coach. The members of the committee chose a runaway German coach and another Spanish coach who refused to answer them.”

And he continued: “We decided to abandon the services of Ferrera after we realized that he would not be able to correct the course. Osama Nabi became his successor, but he did not tolerate criticism, so we decided to return Ferrara again.”

And he continued: “The new coach is working hard and sees no problem in replacing a big star the size of Shikabala. This is what we are looking for, in favor of the club.”

Mortada Mansour said: “The board of directors has chosen me as the head of the Zamalek mission in the Emirates, but I will not travel in accordance with the decision of the Disciplinary Committee banning me from attending matches for two months, but the law should apply to everyone.”

He noted: “If the two players arrested in Al Ahli go to the Emirates and take part in the Super Match, there will be big problems.”

Mortada concluded his speech by saying, “Hasan Hamdi, the former president of the Al-Ahli club, was sentenced to 15 days in prison and released after 24 hours because he had a real audience behind him.”

The match for the Egyptian Super Cup in the season (2021-2022) is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 5, between Zamalek and Al Ahli at the Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

Zamalek is playing in the Super League as Egyptian Premier League champions last season for the 14th time in its history, while Al Ahly is playing as Egyptian Cup champions after winning the title in April this year with a Pyramid win (2-1) in the final match.

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