Mortada Mansour’s first comment on the power cut

The chairman of the board of directors of the Egyptian football club Zamalek, Mortada Mansour, said that the decision to stop Mahmoud Kahrab, a player of Al-Ahly, is the biggest victory of the White Rook and evidence of the correctness of the club’s position. .

Mansour said in a press statement today, Monday: “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee helped the Zamalek club in its case against Mahmoud Kahraba, which is the biggest victory of the board of directors.”

He added: “Stopping electrification for 6 months is considered a response to skeptics and that the player’s contract with Zamalek was secure and not fake as reported in the previous period.”

He continued: “The Zamalek club maintains its position and in any matter we will not give up our right and we will fight for it, as happened in the Kahraba case, and we will receive our full rights.”

And he concluded: “The Egyptian Football Association must comply with the decision to stop the electrification, and if the player does not pay the fine issued against him, a new complaint will be filed against him.”

Kahraba unilaterally terminated the contract with Zamalek two seasons ago, despite the current contract with his club, and left for the Portuguese Desportivo Aves, then terminated the contract with the Portuguese team in January 2020 and left for Al Ahly. Egypt.

Zamalek received a FIFA decision to fine Kahrab and the Portuguese club Desportivo Aves for two million dollars, but the player decided to appeal to the International Court of Sports.

The International Court of Sport has decided to uphold the $2 million electrification fine for Zamalek, with the player charging interest owed on the amount, as the decision was made in June 2019.

But Kahraba did not comply with these provisions, so today, on Monday, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee decided to suspend the Egyptian striker for 6 months until the amount of the fine imposed on him is paid.

Source: agencies

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