Mortada Mansour threatens to pull out of Egyptian Super over Emirati journalist

Mortada Mansour, chairman of the Zamalek club, threatened not to play the Egyptian Super Match against Al Ahly if journalist Yacoub Al Saadi was in the Emirates.

And Mortada Mansour said in a televised address on the Zamalek satellite channel: “With caution, the sponsoring company knows about the journalist Yacoub Al-Saadi, he is not neutral.”

He added: “If Yacoub Al-Saadi presents the main program of the match, Zamalek will withdraw and the team will remain in Cairo.”

He continued: “I am the first person to have a dialogue with Yaqub al-Saadi in Egypt and everyone knew him through me, but now he has changed a lot.”

He pointed out, “I have asked Zamalek fans and channel staff not to respond to Al-Ahly channel, and Al-Ahly’s board of directors has been asked to reconcile, but what is happening now is not allowed.”

He continued, “Al-Ahli channel reports on Zamalek daily, so they will be answered strongly and the truth will be revealed to the general public.”

He concluded: “There are some commentators spreading bigotry, such as the Al-Ahly duo Muhammad Al-Qawalini and Ayman Al-Kashef… Hatem Batisha Zamalqawi and prejudice against Zamalek to make it clear that he is neutral.”

The Egyptian super match between Al Ahli and Zamalek will take place next Friday in October at the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.

Source: “Egyptian media”

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