Mortada Mansour talks about the latest health developments of her son Ahmed

The president of the Egyptian club “Zamalek” Mortada Mansour spoke about the latest changes in the health of his son Ahmed Mortada, a member of the board of directors of the club, who recently suffered a stroke.

And Mortada Mansour, during his speech at a press conference dedicated to the details of the work of the branch of the Zamalek club in the city of the Sixth of October, confirmed that Ahmed suffered a stroke of the foot over the past few days due to the efforts he is making, and will leave for Germany to have an operation there.

The President of the Zamalek club spoke about the details of the Oktyabrsky branch and that it will have an area of ​​129 acres and will be an integrated sports city, as an extension of the other branches of the club, and will operate as the Zamalek channel. which achieves the highest views.

Mortada Mansour said: “We received all the licenses to build a branch of the club in October”, noting that when the club received them in 2013, the land was taken from the club due to unpaid money, and that he and his board of directors paid all bills until a building permit was obtained for the branch.

Mortada also confirmed that he will build a stadium for the Zamalek club, which will accommodate 45,000 fans.

Source: media

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