Mortada Mansour reveals "Expected surprise" After defeating the Arab contractors

Adviser Mortada Mansour, president of Egyptian club Zamalek, revealed the expected surprise that was promised to the team’s fans after the match of Arab contractors in the Egyptian Premier League football.

Mortada Mansour said in a video posted on his YouTube channel: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib filed a complaint against Zamalek because of the Century Club case and the report was kept and Zamalek Club is the real Century Club.”

He added: “Mahmoud Al Khatib issued an ultimatum to remove the Century Club banner and demanded £50 million in compensation to the Al Ahly Club, but I assure Zamalek has the right and the case was saved and this warning is irrelevant.”

He continued: “I warned Mahmoud Kahraba more than once and this was my gift to Al Ahly… Zamalek signed Enppi Club’s Kahraba for £6 million and benefited financially and technically from it.”

He continued: “Kahraba was loaned out in 2016 for $1.2 million to the Saudi Jeddah Club Federation and then in 2017 he was loaned out again for $2.3 million.”

Mortada Mansour confirmed that Zamalek was the sole winner of Kahraba’s £63 million loan earlier.

And the president of Zamalek sent a message to Mahmoud in Kahraba, where he said: “Whoever incites you to escape, in addition to benefits, will pay a fine estimated at $ 2 million, because your football future is considered over.”

He concluded, “I will get Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed and Muhannad Lashin, the future duo, and I have not given up and will not give them up as they belong to Zamalek.”

Zamalek consolidated their position at the top of the Egyptian Football League with a difficult and valuable victory over their guest, Arab Contractors, 1-0 in Tuesday’s match for the 23rd stage of the competition. .

Source: YouTube/Mortada Mansour

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