Mortada Mansour raises the banner again "Real Age Club" On the walls of Zamalek’s headquarters

The board of directors of the Egyptian football club Zamalek, led by Mortada Mansour, replaced the banners “Zamalek – the real club of the century” on the walls of the club’s headquarters.

Mortada Mansour said in an exclusive statement to local website Al Watan Sports: “The Century Club banners are present and will not be removed as some have been repeating in recent hours.”

He continued: “The banners are currently being retooled and illuminated for all to see.”

The banners say: “Club Zamalek is a real club of the century, with championships and achievements, not favoritism and courtesies.”

And the chairman of the Zamalek club previously revealed that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the president of the rival Al-Ahly club, filed a complaint against Zamalek in connection with the Century Club case, emphasizing that the message was saved and that the Zamalek Club is real club Century.

He added: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib issued an ultimatum to take down the Century Club banner and demanded £50 million in compensation to the Al Ahly Club, but I confirm that Zamalek is entitled and the case was saved.” , and there this warning has no meaning.”

On the other hand, an official source at Al-Ahly denied that the Century Club banner case, which Al-Ahly Club had filed against Zamalek over a recent “infringement” of the Al-Ahly trademark, was maintained, stating that all the talk that came out about saving the case is hearsay, not the wrong words.

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