Mortada Mansour announces the official departure of Moroccan Ben Sharky from Zamalek

Zamalek club president adviser Mortada Mansour has officially announced the departure of his Moroccan player Ashraf Bencharki after he failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension.

Mansour said on his YouTube channel that bin Sharafi “wants to get a new professional experience outside of Egypt, Turkey or Qatar.”

“The past administration is the reason the player is not renewing his contract,” he said. He continued, “We won’t cheat anyone to stay with us.”

He confirmed that the Moroccan player refused to renew Zamalek’s contract, indicating that he was organizing a ceremony in the player’s honor and thanked him for his time with the team.
Ashraf bin Sharqi’s contract expires at the end of the current season and he has the right to sign with any team without going to his club’s management.

Source: RT

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