Morocco national team "A big problem" before the meeting with Portugal

The Moroccan national team is in danger of playing Portugal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar without three players from the most important pillars of its defense line, namely captains Roman Sayes, Nayef Akrad and Nasir Mazraoui.

The trio were injured in last Tuesday’s game against Spain, in which the Atlas Lions booked their first quarter-final spot in their history, and the absence of the trio will be a painful blow for manager Walid Regraga. .

“We always have doubts, as in all the matches we have played so far, but we make a decision every time on match day,” Recragui said.

He added: “We have excellent medical equipment that goes above and beyond to treat the players and prepare them for match day. Their task is very difficult and delicate in light of the lack of time, but they did it.” so far, and we haven’t lost a single player.”

He continued: “The readiness of all the players is important to us, and if no one can play, another player will take his place who will do the same job, if not more and better, and, as I told the players, a player who enters , doesn’t matter, the important thing is that he is at the top of his level by 100 percent.”

Sayes, Akrad and Mazrawi were some of the most prominent sponsors of the World Cup achievement in Qatar, as the Atlas Lions’ goal was only once shattered by friendly fire from a goal Akrad accidentally scored against Yassin Boon against Canada in the third and final round of the first round.

The trio, Yahya Atiyatallah, Jawad Al Yamik and Ashraf Dari are likely to be the closest to replacing the injured Akrd, Sayes and Mazrawi if they fail to play against Portugal.

The day after tomorrow, on Saturday, Morocco will play an incendiary game against Portugal at the Al-Tumama Stadium in their quest to continue their historic record at the World Cup in Qatar and reach the round of 16 for the first time. in the history of Arab and African teams.

Source: AFP.

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