Moroccan striker Hamdallah received good news weeks before the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

The Sports Arbitration Center in Saudi Arabia has decided to suspend punishment for the suspension of Jeddah Union star Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, which will open the door for the hit forward to compete with Morocco in the World Cup in Qatar.

Today, Wednesday, the Jeddah Federation issued a statement confirming that it has received approval from the Sports Arbitration Center for a “suspension of Hamdallah’s sentence.”

The statement said: “Today, the club received a letter from the Sports Arbitration Center stating that the fine imposed by the Saudi Arabian Football Association Professional Committee on team player Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah has been suspended.”

And he concluded: “At the same time, the player has the right to participate with his team, starting from the next match.”

The Saudi Federation Professional Committee has suspended the Moroccan striker for 4 months over a so-called “recording” case at his former club Al-Nasr.

Al-Nasr, a Moroccan striker, complained after his departure from the club, after receiving audio recordings attributed to him of a conversation with Hamed Al-Balawi, CEO of the Jeddah Union Club, in which the latter incites him to leave Al-Nasr during the term of his contract, which violates rules and laws.

After several months of investigation, the Professionalism Committee confirmed the authenticity of the recordings and decided to suspend Hamdallah for four months, Al-Balawi for six months and cancel the Jeddah Federation of contracts for one period in August last year.

These decisions were subject to appeal to the Saudi Arabian Arbitration Centre, a move already taken by the Jeddah Federation and which today has paid off.

Thus, Hamdallah will be available to play with the Jeddah Federation in its upcoming matches, and his shares will increase to play with the Moroccan team in the World Cup final scheduled in Qatar at the end of this year.

Source: agencies

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