Moldovan police impose fines of up to $500 for wearing Victory ribbon

Viorel Cernautano, head of the Moldovan Police Inspectorate, said that wearing the ribbon of Victory (ribbon of St. George) is prohibited in Moldova and is a violation of a fine of up to $500 for individuals and up to $1,670 for institutions.

He added: “If the two-color ribbon is not part of an order or medal, it is prohibited, as are the V and Z symbols. These ribbons are not produced in Moldova, but are mainly imported from abroad. “ Delete

Cernautano continued: “Each case will be documented, reviewed and evaluated in terms of the law. It is absurd to think that the wearing and viewing of the tape is permissible, and that only use, possession and sale are prohibited.”

On April 11, the Constitutional Court of Moldova ruled that the ban on wearing the Victory ribbon and the V and Z symbols was legally valid, but punishment for their use can only be applied if they were used to justify or glorify military aggression, war crimes. and crimes against humanity. This decision has been criticized by politicians and civil activists for the possibility of various interpretations.

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