Moldova extends state of emergency by 45 days

The Moldovan Parliament at its meeting today, Thursday, extended the state of emergency declared in the country due to the situation in Ukraine for a period of 45 days, starting from Friday.

The majority of MPs voted for this decision.

During her speech at a parliamentary session, Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa noted the need to extend the state of emergency to “remaining dangers to Moldova’s energy security and the security of its borders, and the need to continue fighting the flow of refugees from Ukraine.” “

He also acknowledged the decrease in the number of Ukrainian refugees in recent weeks, while noting that there are still about 80,000 Ukrainian refugees in the country.

“We must continue to support them, and we must be prepared for the possibility of increased refugee flows if tensions escalate in southern Ukraine,” she added.

She referred to the risks associated with the disruption of logistical links and ensuring energy security, explaining: “In the current situation, the state still needs mechanisms for quick and effective decision-making. This concerns the processes of allocating funds, facilitating the processes of customs control. , the creation of joint border detachments, the coordination of the work of customs points depending on the size of goods, the number of passengers, the improvement of the movement of goods, etc.

A state of emergency was introduced in Moldova on February 24. Last April, Parliament extended the special regime for another 60 days.

Source: Interfax

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