Mohammed bin Salman is launching a strategy to turn Saudi Arabia into a global gaming and esports hub.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said that the Sawi Group, of which he chairs the board of directors, represents a key element in the Kingdom’s strategy to become a global hub for the gaming and esports sector.

The Saudi Press Agency reported that the Crown Prince, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Savi Electronic Games Group, announced the group’s strategy today and said that it “represents a key component of our ambitious strategy to transform the Kingdom By 2030, Saudi Arabia will become the world’s gaming center and eSports.

Bin Salman indicated that the group aims to “use the huge potential of the sports and electronic gaming sector to diversify the sources of our economy, push the wheel of innovation in this sector and increase the level of entertainment and gaming competition.” esports offered by the Kingdom.”

According to the Saudi agency, the main strategy objectives of the group affiliated with the State Investment Fund are to “promote growth through investment in the gaming and esports sector, develop a long-term investment plan and leverage capital within the sector, provide opportunities for participation and strengthen partnerships in the electronic gaming sector, in addition to improving the player experience.

The agency indicated that the group “will work to establish 250 electronic game companies in the Kingdom, which will provide 39,000 jobs and increase the sector’s contribution to gross domestic product to 50 billion rials by 2030.”

Source: Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

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