Moanes Dabour ends his career in the Israeli national team for political and national reasons

Arab player Moniz Dabur announced on Tuesday that he has ended his career with the Israel national football team after a vicious campaign of incitement against him for his criticism of Israel over Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The son of the city of Nazareth wrote a post on his Instagram account in 3 languages, Arabic, Hebrew and English, in which he said: “Peace be with you and hello to everyone. I wanted to tell you about my decision to retire from the Israeli national team.”

And he continued, “Through this opportunity, I thank my family and everyone who supported me and supported me on my journey.”

And Jewish Public Radio reported that Moanes Dabur, a player on the Israeli football team, had filed for resignation from the team amid his Facebook posts and racial slurs against Arabs from the Israeli public.

30-year-old Dabur is considered the most expensive Israeli player, the third scorer in the Europa League and plays in the German league, as he previously played in the Spanish league.

And in June last year, the footballer was insulted after participating in a social media post that included a photo of the Dome of the Rock and commented on a verse from the Koran: “Do not think that God does not know what the oppressors are doing, but rather delay them for a day when the eyes are diagnosed” to protest the march of Israeli flags and Al-Aqsa incursions. To celebrate “Jerusalem Unification Day”, player Dabur later refused to apologize for sharing these posts, which culminated today in announcing his retirement from the Israeli football team.

Source: “Ultra Palestine”

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