Mishustin: Unprecedented economic war and pressure await Russia and Belarus

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that a real economic war had broken out between Russia and Belarus, expressing confidence that the two countries would cope with this unprecedented pressure through joint efforts.

During a meeting on Monday in Minsk with his Belarusian counterpart Roman Golovchenko, Mishustin thanked Minsk for its “constructive stance on the situation around Ukraine”, explaining: “We are jointly resisting the pressure of unprecedented sanctions from unfriendly countries, which can be compared to all of the economic war. Its goal is to isolate Russia and Belarus from the international financial system, slow down economic development, undermine the technological sovereignty of our countries and worsen the lives of our citizens.”

Mishustin expressed confidence that “we will withstand this pressure and as a result, we will become stronger, and together we will be able to overcome the consequences of Western sanctions, including through deepening integration into the EU, launching joint ventures, developing production and logistics.” networks and import substitution”.

For his part, Golovchenko agreed that “the current situation dictates the need to act quickly, decisively and militarily”, explaining that “in such conditions we work, and in such conditions we must make decisions.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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