Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation: All planned budget obligations will be fulfilled

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov confirmed that all spending obligations in the Russian budget for 2023 will be met, stressing that there are sufficient resources for this.

Answering the question whether there are risks of non-fulfillment of social obligations this year due to the budget deficit, the minister replied: “The question is incorrect, because the budget deficit will be at the planned level.”

The Russian minister added that first of all, social obligations are being fulfilled, and said: “We have no reason to say that part of the planned expenditures will not be fulfilled.”

The Minister of Finance of Russia confirmed the availability of sufficient financial resources and the fulfillment by the government of all budget tasks (expenditures).

And the Russian Ministry of Finance confirmed its forecast that the budget deficit for 2023 will not exceed 2% of GDP.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Finance reported that, according to preliminary estimates, the federal budget of Russia in January was executed with a deficit of 1.760 trillion rubles, while expenditures increased by 59 percent to 3.117 trillion rubles, and revenues decreased by 35 percent to 1.356 trillion rubles. .

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