Minister of Energy of Norway: no "Nord Stream" Electricity prices will skyrocket

Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Åsland said that if the Nord Stream gas pipeline does not operate after a scheduled inspection, this will have serious consequences for electricity prices in Norway.

And the Norwegian minister warned that electricity prices at this time could rise very much.

It is noteworthy that according to the plan, the specified gas pipeline is subject to repair, which will last until July 21, in connection with which the supply of Russian gas to Germany through it has been stopped.

Some countries, including Germany and Austria, have expressed concern that deliveries may not resume even after inspections and maintenance work are completed.

The Norwegian minister added: “If the mentioned gas pipeline, through which natural gas is transported from Russia to Germany, is not restarted, new problems will arise. And prices are likely to rise.”

The minister stressed that the risks of introducing electricity rationing in Norway are small, but they exist.

Source: RIA Novosti

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