Player Emotes

Several improvements have come to the emote system in Bedrock Edition!

  • Emote usage now appears in chat
  • The emote wheel now has four slots with an improved interface
  • Quick emoting with new hotkeys
  • Easier sorting of emotes
  • Creating a new character now automatically applies four default emotes

Check out the New Emote Features for Bedrock Edition article for more details.

Vanilla Parity:

Improvements have been made with vanilla parity to align with Java Edition, especially with horse breeding, mobs, and blocks.


  • Fixed an issue where night could not be skipped if one or more players were on the death screen
  • Eating and drinking animations are now always centered, regardless of screen aspect ratio


  • Breeding horses can now produce random variants (MCPE-129071)
  • When breeding horses, the baby Horse now has a chance of being better than its parents in speed, jump strength, and health. This change is intended to make Horse breeding a viable way of getting great Horses, if a player starts with good parents and puts in enough time and Golden Carrots
  • Horses cannot be pushed over Fences covered by Carpets anymore (MCPE-164717)
  • Ghasts’ sound volume will now fade the further they are from the player (MCPE-35222)
  • Villagers will now emit anger particles when hit by a player outside of a village
  • Fixed a bug where Zombified Piglins would spawn in the Nether in light levels above 11
  • Minecarts can now eject mobs into liquid blocks (MCPE-120078)
  • Witches will now drink a Fire Resistance Potion when standing on a Campfire


  • Bells that are connected to multiple blocks no longer drop when one block is broken
  • Note Block sound attenuation over a distance is now linear (MCPE-164935)
  • Impact sounds of projectiles on Amethyst blocks and clusters are now audible
  • Dead Bush will now drop Sticks when broken with any tool except Shears, even those with the Silk Touch enchantment. Vines will drop nothing in the same situation (MCPE-163246)

Experimental Features:

The Sniffer and Archaeology are now available for testing that are coming to Minecraft 1.20, now known as Trails & Tales! The sniffer and archeology are two experimental features that you can try out in this release.

As these features are still incomplete, in development, and considered a work in progress, be sure to backup your worlds before enabling experimental features. The features can be enabled by turning on the “Next Major Update” toggle in world settings.


  • Added the Brush item
  • Added the Decorated Pot block
  • Added four Pottery Shards (Arms Up, Skull, Prize, and Archer)
  • Added the Suspicious Sand block
  • Added Suspicious Sand to the Desert Temple
  • Added Suspicious Sand to the Desert Well


  • The Brush is a craftable item you can use to brush things

Pottery Shards and Decorated Pots

  • Pottery Shards have pictures on them. They cannot be crafted and must be found in the world. Hint: you will need a Brush! By crafting four of these together you can create a Decorated Pot with a picture on each side.
  • You can also use Brick items instead of Pottery Shards in the crafting recipe. The sides that were made from Brick items will not have pictures.
  • Smash a Decorated Pot with any block-breaking tool to break it apart and get the Pottery Shards back! Or hit it with your fist to pick up the pot without breaking it.

Suspicious Sand

  • Desert Temples and Desert Wells now contain Suspicious Sand. This fragile block is hard to spot and easy to destroy, so be careful!
  • If you manage to find the Suspicious Sand and brush it with your Brush, you will extract objects that were buried long ago.
  • We’re giving you an early look at these Archaeology features. We want to spend more time developing them. Please let us know where you think we can improve or expand!


  • The Sniffer is the mob vote winner of Minecraft Live 2022 and the first [HS1] extinct mob brought to life and added to the game
  • Sniffers cannot be tempted or tamed
  • Sniffers are passive friendly mobs
  • Sniffer sniffs in the air and occasionally dig for seeds


  • The Torchflower seed can be planted on farmland and grows into a flower
  • The seed can be used to breed two Sniffers
  • The full-grown flower can be harvested and replanted but can also be crafted into a dye


Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue where simultaneously pressing the “Mine” and “Place” button on any input device while targeting a Structure Block could cause the game to crash (MCPE-155689)
  • Fixed a crash on Nintendo Switch when attempting to log in while set to local network mode
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a world in 1.8 or above (MCPE-165564)


  • The player’s crosshair now properly mines/interacts with items in front of them while swimming/gliding, rather than 1 block above their position (MCPE-57257)
  • Players no longer take rapid damage when touching damaging blocks (MCPE-165347)
  • Projectiles shot while swimming/gliding no longer spawn from above the player’s position (MCPE-31896)
  • Items dropped while swimming/gliding, manually or on death, no longer spawn from above the player’s position (MCPE-31896)


  • Fixed a bug where an Allay holding a Lead wasn’t able to be leashed unless the player held a full stack of 64 Leads in hand
  • Parrots will no longer shake while on a player riding a Horse that is turning mid-jump
  • Fixed a bug causing global entities (e.g. Ender Dragon and projectiles) to stop rendering when out of normal entity render distance (MCPE-161136)


  • Sounds from all Button types and Lever are now controlled by “Blocks” slider in Audio Settings (MCPE-166420)
  • Redstone source can now power a single block from different sides at the same time (MCPE-163651)
  • Destroying Mangrove Log or Mangrove Wood now properly cause leaves to decay
  • End Crystals occupying the same space as a block will no longer cause that block to disappear
  • Players are now able to place top Slabs in blocks that are only partially blocked by an entity (MCPE-155016)
  • Players can no longer see through partial blocks when sneaking or riding in third person (MCPE-156273)
  • Composter now always consumes an item when becoming full (MCPE-162020)
  • Importing experimental blocks into a non-experimental world using the Structure Block will now correctly place unknown blocks, which are not interactable
  • Error messages about building outside the world height limits no longer appear when simply interacting with blocks at the world height limits from certain angles (MCPE-152935)
  • Fixed a bug where Observers would not detect changes due to corrupted data (MCPE-150506)
  • Hoppers now pull in items from above them through all blocks that have a lower height than a full block (MCPE-55824)


  • Crossbows now shake while charging arrows (MCPE-152952)
  • Spawn eggs for Snow Golem, Wither, and Trader Llama now appear correctly in the inventory and hotbar
  • Written Books can now be moved in the inventory even when the player has identical Written Books

Touch Controls

  • Updated the How to Play screen with information on new touch controls
  • Changing input modes from Gamepad to Touch while an item is selected will return the selected to the inventory or drop it
  • Fixed an issue on the Furnace screen where double-tapping the output window caused other slots to become unselectable (MCPE-164589)
  • Fixed a bug where stack splitting was automatically initiated on the first slot when opening a small Chest
  • Allowed left and right D-pad buttons to keep input when the forward button is pressed (MCPE-155199)
  • Added the leave Boat button when the player falls from a height within in the Boat (MCPE-158489)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from removing equipped armor by tapping on an item or block in the Creative inventory (MCPE-165790)
  • Tweaked the keyboard interaction on Android devices for text input fields

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where the “Mine” tooltip was appearing when targeting a block with a Trident in Creative game mode (MCPE-44846)
  • Navigating right with controller left stick on the Marketplace sidebar now collapses it
  • Added a new ‘Marketplace’ icon to the Marketplace screen sidebar
  • Ocean Explorer, Woodland Explorer, and Treasure Maps now show the proper icon in the inventory (MCPE-163464)
  • Fixed a bug where mouse scrolling on the Friend Options dropdown would not scroll the dropdown contents
  • Resolved an issue where graphical elements of the Sign-In/Sign-Up screen could extend beyond the bounds of the dialog container
  • When starting a new world in Pocket UI, removed the “Press Open Chat to open chat” message for players with text-to-speech turned off
  • Double-clicking on the Furnace output slot will no longer drop the item (MCPE-165079)
  • Fixed a bug where moving the player or camera with a controller while text-to-speech for UI was turned on would cause the narrator to say “X of Y”
  • Fixed a bug where the Edit World screen couldn’t be opened for a world if the corresponding world directory had a space in it (MCPE-166763)
  • The loading screen no longer flickers when entering the Nether in immersive VR mode
  • The swap item animation now plays when switching hotbar items of the same type with the same durability

Spectator Mode

  • Phasing through blocks in third person view no longer makes the camera zoom in and out towards the player’s head (MCPE-160467)
  • End Gateways can no longer be used in Spectator Mode (MCPE-165689)


  • Added a Sign In button on the Realms screen if player is not yet signed in
  • Fixed the issue that the “Find Friends” button and the “Close Realm” buttons would be autofocused when the “Members” or “Subscription” tab was clicked
  • Fixed a bug where players were not able to create another world on Realms if the first Create World on Realms attempt was interrupted
  • Fixed a bug where players could see duplicate applied packs with unknown titles the first time they entered the Realms settings screen
  • Resetting a Realms World now correctly updates the World settings
  • Removed the Close button in the Play on Realm popup dialog when using controllers
  • Updated the reset/replace world confirmation text to make it clearer what each function does
  • Fixed the world list not updating with a new Realm immediately after accepting an invite
  • In Realms Settings->Members, the dropdown ‘…’ menu can now be open/closed with the Enter key and navigated with arrow keys

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.70 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation are available to download at


  • Behavior packs with scripts can now be removed from worlds
  • Item loot table conditions are no longer ignored in-game when used inside functions (MCPE-164582)
  • Carrots now display the proper name in item tooltips when used in can_place_on and can_destroy item components (MCPE-160838)
  • In JSON formats 1.19.70 and later, blocks fail to load if the “condition” field in Block Permutations is not a valid Molang string
  • Crafting Table component no longer appends “tile.” when defaulting to use block name for crafting table label

Wool Blocks

Wool has been flattened into separate blocks, namely:

  • white_wool
  • orange_wool
  • magenta_wool
  • light_blue_wool
  • yellow_wool
  • lime_wool
  • pink_wool
  • gray_wool
  • light_gray_wool
  • cyan_wool
  • purple_wool
  • blue_wool
  • brown_wool
  • green_wool
  • red_wool
  • black_wool

Commands, recipes, loot tables, etc. will still work with wool and an aux value or color state, but wool will not be suggested in the command prompt. Instead, the new wool block names will.


  • Fixed a crash with deferred command execution when the executing actor is removed before execution (MCPE-165374)
  • Summon command no longer causes some entities to be spawned in at an angle
  • Removed support for field “data” in commands /clone, /execute, /fill, /setblock and /testforblock beyond version 1.19.70, eg. /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:wool 1 will only have its equivalent /setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:wool [“color”:”orange”] supported
    • Here are some additional examples[JW1] [JW2] [JW3] :
      • /setblock ~~~ green_wool [] [] is equivalent to the old 0
      • /setblock ~~~ wood [“wood_type”: “oak”]
      • /setblock ~~~ coral [“dead_bit” : true , “coral_color” : “blue” ]
      • /setblock ~~~ coral_fan [“coral_fan_direction” : 1, “coral_color” : “pink”]
      • /setblock ~~~ wool [“color”: “blue”]
      • /fill ~ ~ ~ ~5 ~5 ~5 gold_block [] replace air
    • More information about commands can be found at
  • Volume arguments no longer floor the selector’s position (MCPE-162237)
  • Selecting targets by volume will now select all entities whose hitbox collides with the volume box. This is versioned for 1.19.70 and later (MCPE-162237)
    • Previous behavior works as expected on versions less than 1.19.70
  • Volume arguments for selectors (dx, dy, dz) now support float values (MCPE-163863)
  • Replaceitem and loot replace block commands no longer place items in Cauldrons (MCPE-129472)
  • Rotation in the teleport command is now relative to the executor of the command instead of the target. Old usage of rotations in commands will stay relative to the target mob for backwards compatibility

Entity Properties

  • Fixed an issue where Entity Property value changes could be discarded if done by events fired as part of removal of active behaviors caused by other events


  • Witch potion drinking and ranged attack behaviour is now defined in its .json file
  • The game will no longer create a content error when Bee spawn eggs are used on a Mob Spawner

GameTest Framework (Experimental)

  • Test
    • Added optional searchDistance parameter to assertEntityPresent(entityTypeIdentifier: string, blockLocation: BlockLocation, searchDistance?: number, isPresent?: boolean)
    • Added assertEntityInstancePresentInArea(entity: Entity, isPresent?: boolean) to check if an entity instance is present in the test area
    • Made the searchDistance parameter optional in assertItemEntityPresent

API (Experimental)

  • IMPORTANT BREAKING CHANGE: The classes Location and BlockLocation no longer exist in the beta script API. All usages of these classes have been changed to use the Vector3 interface (that is, { x: 1, y: 2, z: 3} objects)
  • Also, note that several changes were made to properties and get/set methods across objects (listed below) to make them more consistent in calling structure
    • World Events
    • Added event entityDie – It is fired when an entity dies
    • Modified projectileHit to be a readOnly property on the Events class
  • Player
    • Added method getSpawnPosition – Gets the spawnPoint position
    • Added property spawnDimension – Gets the spawnPoint dimension
    • Added method setSpawn(spawnPosition : Vec3, spawnDimension : Dimension) i Sets spawnPoint with a position and dimension
    • Added method clearSpawn – Sets the spawnPoint position and dimension to undefined
    • Renamed function tell to sendMessage
  • World
    • Renamed function say to sendMessage
    • Added method ‘getDefaultSpawnPosition’ – Gets the spawnPoint position
    • Added method ‘setDefaultSpawn'(spawnPosition : Vec3) – Sets the spawnPoint position within ‘overworld’ dimension
  • BeforeChatEvent
    • Added function getTargets(): Player[] – Gets chat Player targets
    • Added function setTargets(players: Player[]) – Sets chat Player targets
    • Removed property targets
  • BeforeDataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent
    • Added function getModifiers(): DefinitionModifier[] – Gets entity definition modifiers
    • Added function setModifiers(modifiers: DefinitionModifier[]) – Sets entity definition modifiers
    • Removed property modifiers
  • BoolBlockProperty
    • Added function getValidValues(): boolean[] – Gets all valid boolean values for the BoolBlockProperty
    • Removed property validValues
  • Converted BlockHitInformation to an interface
  • ChatEvent
    • Added function getTargets(): Player[] – Gets chat Player targets
    • Removed property targets
  • Converted Color to an interface
  • DataDrivenEntityTriggerEvent
    • Added function getModifiers(): DefinitionModifier[] – Gets Entity definition modifiers
    • Removed property modifiers
  • DefinitionModifier
    • Added function getComponentGroupsToAdd(): string[] – Gets component groups that will be added with the DefinitionModifier
    • Added function setComponentGroupsToAdd(newGroups: string[]): void – Sets component groups that will be added with the DefinitionModifier
    • Added function getComponentGroupsToRemove(): string[] – Gets component groups that will be removed with the DefinitionModifier
    • Added function setComponentGroupsToRemove(removedGroups: string[]): void – Sets component groups that will be removed with the DefinitionModifier
    • Added function getTriggers(): Trigger[] – Gets event triggers of the DefinitionModifier
    • Added function setTriggers(newTriggers: Trigger[]): void – Sets event triggers of the DefinitionModifier
    • Removed property componentGroupsToAdd
    • Removed property componentGroupsToRemove
    • Removed property triggers
  • DirectionBlockProperty
    • Added function getValidValues(): Direction[] – Gets all valid direction enum values for the DirectionBlockProperty
    • Removed property validValues
  • Entity
    • Added function getViewDirection(): Vector3 – Gets view direction of the Entity
    • Added function getRotation(): XYRotation – Gets rotation of the Entity
    • Added function getVelocity(): Vector – Gets velocity of the Entity
    • Removed property viewDirection
    • Removed property rotation
    • Removed property velocity
  • Added function playAnimation(animationName: string, options?: PlayAnimationOptions)
    • Plays the specified animation for an entityReplaced general setVelocity call with methods to apply impulses to entities:
  • Added function clearVelocity(): void – Sets the current velocity of the Entity to zero
  • Added function applyImpulse(vector: Vector3): void – Applies impulse vector to the current velocity of the Entity
  • Added function applyKnockback(directionX: number, directionZ: number, horizontalStrength: number, verticalStrength: number): void – Applies knockback to the Entity in specified direction based on vertical and horizontal strength
  • Removed function setVelocity
  • EntityAgeableComponent
    • Added function getDropItems(): string[] – Gets items that drop when entity grows
    • Added function getFeedItems(): EntityDefinitionFeedItem[] – Gets items that can be fed to the entity
    • Removed property dropItems
    • Removed property feedItems
  • EntityBreathableComponent
    • Added function getBreatheBlocks(): BlockPermutation[] – Gets blocks entity can breathe in
    • Added function getNonBreatheBlocks(): BlockPermutation[] – Gets blocks entity can’t breathe in
    • Removed property breatheBlocks
    • Removed property nonBreatheBlocks
  • EntityHealableComponent
    • Added function getFeedItems(): FeedItem[] – Gets healing items for the EntityHealableComponent
    • Removed property items
  • Converted EntityHitInformation to an interface
  • EntityRideableComponent
    • Added function getFamilyTypes(): string[] – Gets supported rider entity types
    • Added function getSeats(): Seat[] – Gets rider information for each seat
    • Removed property familyTypes
    • Removed property seats
  • EntityTameableComponent
    • Added function getTameItems(): string[] – Gets tame items of the EntityTameableComponent
    • Removed property tameItems
  • FeedItem
    • Added function getEffects(): FeedItemEffect[] – Gets effect of the FeedItem
    • Removed property effects
  • IntBlockProperty
    • Added function getValidValues(): number[] – Gets all valid integer values for the IntBlockProperty
    • Removed property validValues
  • ItemDurabilityComponent
    • Added function getDamageRange(): NumberRange – Gets the range of numbers that describes the chance of the item losing durability
    • Removed property damageRange
  • Converted NumberRange to an interface
  • ProjectileHitEvent
    • Added function getBlockHit(): BlockHitInformation – Gets block hit information from the ProjectileHitEvent
    • Added function getEntityHit(): EntityHitInformation – Gets entity hit information from the ProjectileHitEvent
    • Removed property blockHit
    • Removed property entityHit
  • StringBlockProperty
    • Added function getValidValues(): string[] – Gets all valid string values for the StringBlockProperty
    • Removed property validValues
  • ItemStack
    • ItemStack can now be constructed using a string identifier
    • Removed constructor parameter data
    • Removed property data
    • Removed function clearLore – To clear lore, call setLore with an empty array or undefined
    • Setting nameTag to an empty string will now clear the name tag
    • Setting nameTag to a string longer than 255 characters will now result in an exception
    • Setting amount greater than the maximum stack size will now clamp the value to the maximum stack size
    • Setting amount to a value less than 1 will now result in an exception
    • Item lore can now be cleared by calling setLore(undefined) or setLore([])
    • Fixed a bug where calling function ItemStack.getComponent or ItemStack.getComponents would fail on ItemStacks returned from EntityItemComponent.itemStack
    • Added read-only property getMaxAmount: number – Returns the maximum stack size for the item
    • Added read-only property isStackable: bool – Returns whether the item is stackable
    • Added function isStackableWith(itemStack: ItemStack): bool – Returns whether the item can be stacked with the given item
    • Added read-only property type: ItemType – Returns the type of the item
    • Added function clone(): ItemStack – Returns a copy of the item stack
    • Added property keepOnDeath: bool – Sets whether the item is kept on death
    • Added property lockMode: ItemLockMode – Sets whether the item can be moved or dropped
    • Added function setCanPlaceOn(blockIdentifiers?: string[]) – Sets which blocks the item can be placed on
    • Added function setCanDestroy(blockIdentifiers?: string[]) – Sets which blocks this item can destroy
  • ContainerSlot
    • Removed function clearItem – To clear the item, call setItem with undefined
    • Removed function clearLore – To clear lore, call setLore with an empty array or undefined

General changes to more consistently use methods when working with simple data-only objects vs. properties:

  • BeforeExplosionEvent
    • Added function getImpactedBlocks(): Vector3[] – Gets the blocks locations that are impacted the by the explosion
    • Added function setImpactedBlocks(blocks: Vector3[]): void – Sets the blocks locations that are impacted the by the explosion
    • Removed property impactedBlocks
  • BeforeItemUseOnEvent
    • Added function getBlockLocation(): Vector3 – Gets the location of the block being impacted
    • Removed property blockLocation
  • BlockInventoryComponent
    • Removed property location
  • BlockLavaContainerComponent
    • Removed property location
  • BlockPistonComponent
    • Added function getAttachedBlocks(): Vector3[] – Gets the blocks locations that are impacted by the activation of this piston
    • Removed property attachedBlocks
    • Removed property location
  • BlockPotionContainerComponent
    • Removed property location
  • BlockRecordPlayerComponent
    • Removed property location
  • BlockSignComponent
    • Removed property location
  • BlockSnowContainerComponent
    • Removed property location
  • BlockWaterContainerComponent
    • Removed property location
    • Added function getHeadLocation(): Vector3 – Gets the head location of the Entity
    • Removed property headLocation
  • ExplosionEvent
    • Added function getImpactedBlocks(): Vector3[] – Gets the blocks locations that are impacted the by the explosion
    • Removed property impactedBlocks
  • ItemStartUseOnEvent
    • Added function getBlockLocation(): Vector3 – Gets the location of the block being impacted
    • Added function getBuildBlockLocation(): Vector3 – Gets the location of the resulting build block
    • Removed property blockLocation
    • Removed property buildBlockLocation
  • ItemStopUseOnEvent
    • Added function getBlockLocation(): Vector3 – Gets the location of the block being impacted
    • Removed property blockLocation
  • ItemUseOnEvent
    • Added function getBlockLocation(): Vector3 – Gets the location of the block being impacted
    • Removed property blockLocation
  • NavigationResult
    • Added function getPath(): Vector3[] – Gets the locations of the blocks that comprise the navigation route
    • Removed property path
  • Player
    • Added function getHeadLocation(): Vector3 – Gets the head location of the Player
    • Removed property headLocation
  • Block
    • Added function isAir – Returns if the block is an air block (i.e. empty space)
    • Added function isLiquid – Returns if the block is a liquid (e.g., a water block and a lava black are liquid, while an air block and a stone block are not)
    • Added function isSolid – Returns if the block is solid (e.g., a cobblestone block and a diamond block are solid, while a ladder block and a fence block are not)
    • The following blocks now have an inventory component:
      • Barrel
      • Beacon
      • Blast Furnace
      • Brewing Stand
      • Dispenser
      • Dropper
      • Furnace
      • Hopper
      • Jukebox
      • Lectern
      • Smoker


BlockPermutation has been significantly refactored! Every BlockPermutation now share a unique JavaScript handle so exact equality (===) will work for permutations that share exactly the same state values. We’ve also added utility methods that make interacting with permutations easier, which includes the removal of the XBlockProperty classes and now directly return properties (boolean | number | string) or a while collection of properties ( Record<string, boolean | number | string>)

  • Added method matches(blockName: string, properties?: BlockProperties): boolean which is used to match a block with optional states against a BlockPermutation
  • Added method withProperty(name: string, value: boolean | number | string): BlockPermutation; which returns a new block permutation with a given property set to a specific value. Throws if the provided data cannot be resolved as a valid block permutation
  • Added function static resolve(blockName: string, properties?: BlockProperties): BlockPermutation which resolve a BlockPermutation from a block name and optional states. Throws if the provided data cannot be resolved as a valid block permutation
  • Updated methods getProperty and getAllProperties to return values directly instead of wrapped into class objects. Example code:


const blockPermutation = MinecraftBlockTypes.stoneSlab.createDefaultBlockPermutation();
blockPermutation.getProperty(MinecraftBlockProperties.stoneSlabType).value = 'stone_brick';
blockPermutation.getProperty(MinecraftBlockProperties.topSlotBit).value = true;


const blockPermutation = BlockPermutation.resolve('minecraft:stone_slab', {
    stone_slab_type: 'stone_brick',
    top_slot_bit: true,


  • Added new class to expose BlockPropertyType


  • Added new class to track “definitional” data about block properties. This is how you can find which values are valid for each block property

Data-Driven Custom Blocks

  • Released block properties and permutations out of experimental in JSON formats 1.19.70 and higher
  • Added a content warning when loading world with more than 65536 custom block permutations. Custom block permutation counts are logged in debug log