Meeting a Childhood Hero: O’Shea Jackson Jr.’s Starstruck Encounter with Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Meeting a Childhood Hero

Think back to who your biggest hero was at 12 for a moment. Now imagine what it would have been like to not only have lunch with that person but to leave school early to do so. That’s what happened to actor O’Shea Jackson Jr. in his childhood, as his dad, Ice Cube, once set up a lunch between them and none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. While it can be cool to be a celebrity’s kid sometimes, Jackson admitted to being quite starstruck during that considerable encounter with his idol.

The Mysterious School Pickup

In an interview with The Kelly Clarkson Show,O’Sheaa started his story by learning he was being mysteriously pulled out of school early. The Cocaine Bear star eventually revealed that after wondering if he was in trouble for something so massive that his dad had to pick him up, he learned they were having lunch with Mr. Johnson.

Starstruck by The Rock

That led to the big moment, as described byO’Sheaa Jackson:””So we go to this restaurant, we sit down [at a] big table. Here comes The Rock, all six-foot-four of him, and he sits down, and Ican’tt say a word. You have to prepare a child for whenthey’ree about to meet their hero. I had nothing lined up!I’mm just staring at this man talking to my dad, and mydad’ss nudging me like,’‘Say something’’ and I justcouldn’tt””That’ss probably how any 12-year-old would react to having a moment with someone they idolize in entertainment. This is also before some of DwayneJohnson’ss best movies had even been made, as thislunch’ss presumed 2003 timeframe would have seen Johnson debuting The Rundown. Picture a contemporary 12-year-old trying to speak with The Rock while eating a cheeseburger, and the result might still be similar to what was shared above.

A Keepsake from a Special Day

ThoughO’Sheaa Jackson Jr. did happen to make a smooth move during his lunch with Dwayne Johnson, despite freezing up in conversation, the young man was moved to snag himself a keepsake from this auspicious day, revealed in this further comment during that same interview:””When he paid for his meal, and the lady came and brought his change, I took a quarter. I took TheRock’ss quarter. I have it in a sandwich bag to this day””

Being the star he is now, itwouldn’tt be all that surprising if some otherccelebrity kid had lunch withO’Sheaa Jackson Jr. and found themselves freezing up as he had so long ago. However, in this often cashless world, one would have to get extra creative when it came to the souvenirsthey’dd bring home.It’ss a firm reminder that no matter how close you are to fame in this business, people can still be starstruck in the right circumstances.What’ss Next forO’Sheaa Jackson Jr.?

You can catchO’Sheaa Jackson Jr. in his recent performance for ElizabethBanks’’ Cocaine Bear, as the film is currently streaming for those with a Prime Video subscription. Plus, the 2024 movie schedule has even more fun for fans, asJackson’ss return for Den of Thieves 2: Pantera is slated to debut at some point in the year to come.

Meeting your childhood hero can be an unforgettable experience, andO’Sheaa JacksonJr.’ss encounter with Dwayne””The Roc”” Johnson is a heartwarming reminder that even celebrities can be starstruck in the presence of their idols. So, whetherit’ss a chance encounter or a planned lunch, these moments have the power to shape aperson’ss life and leave lasting memories.

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