Medvedev: The time has come to demonstrate Ukraine’s inevitable disappearance

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev explained through his Telegram channel the scenarios for the disappearance and collapse of Ukraine, the danger of renewed conflicts in Europe and the world.

Medvedev wrote: “Now is the time to say how Ukraine will disappear, and also what is the danger of renewed conflict in Europe and in the world.”

The Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia noted: “It depends on which path the process of disintegration of this dying state will take as a result of a losing military conflict. There are two ways: either the way of relatively slow erosion of the Ukrainian state with the gradual loss of the remaining elements of state sovereignty. Or the path of immediate collapse with the simultaneous destruction of all aspects of the state. In any case, after this collapse, three scenarios are possible.”

Medvedev continued, explaining the first scenario: “Firstly, the western regions of Ukraine will be transferred under the control of a number of EU countries, with the subsequent annexation of these lands by the host countries. At the same time, a certain Ukrainian region will remain neutral, closed between Russia and the lands that have come under the sovereignty of a number of European states. The remaining non-state lands declare their succession from the former Ukraine, their international legal personality and their intention to return the lost lands at all costs.”

He added: “Of course, we mean only those territories that became part of Russia. At the same time, the new Ukraine immediately declares its desire to join the European Union and NATO, which is happening in the medium term. armed conflict resumes after some time. short, and degenerates into a permanent conflict, but with the risk of its rapid spillover into a full-fledged Third World War.

And the deputy head of the Russian Security Council, according to the second scenario, said: “Secondly, Ukraine disappears after the completion of the Russian special military operation in the process of division between Russia and a number of EU countries. And the government of Ukraine was formed in exile in one of the European countries. The conflict ends with reasonable guarantees that that it will not resume in the near future, but with the preservation of the terrorist activity of the Ukrainian Nazis, who will be scattered on the territory of the European Union, the countries that have acquired the lands of Western Ukraine. And the risk of a complete resumption of the conflict or its escalation into a world war in this case can be considered moderate.

And in the third scenario, he said: “Third. The same thing happens as in the first case, but vice versa. The western lands of Ukraine join a number of EU countries. Residents of the central regions and some other regions Ukraine remains within the framework of Article 1 of the UN Charter, and declares the right to immediate self-determination by joining the Russian Federation, her request is accepted, and the conflict ends with sufficient guarantees of non-recurrence in the long term.”

“There are simply no other options. This is already clear to everyone, even if no one in the West wants to admit it,” Medvedev concluded, adding: “We may be temporarily satisfied with the second option, but we need a third. “

Source: RT

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