Medvedev: Developing countries can thrive without relying on the West’s voice

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, head of the United Russia party, said that the countries of the world can successfully develop without the cries of the West, and without imposing a course of development on them.

This happened during his speech at the first founding meeting of the International Organizing Committee of the Informal Association of Political Parties and Civil Forces – the “Forum of Supporters of the Fight against Colonial Practices of Neo-Colonialism”, where he continued: “Life confirms to us that the countries of the world are quite capable of successfully developing without the cries of the West , and without His influence associated with the imposition of a course of development.

The Deputy Head of the Security Council of Russia pointed out that an effective tool for this is the transition to various forms of economic cooperation and settlements in national currencies, as well as the creation of payment mechanisms that are not subject to the control of states, “using neo-colonial methods.”

According to him, the imposed payment system, regardless of the existence of a reserve currency for these countries, “ultimately contributes to the achievement of the goals of neo-colonialism,” to combat which it is necessary to unite.

Medvedev continued: “Today, more decisive and comprehensive measures are needed to combat neo-colonialism, and this, of course, is not about unleashing hostilities against citizens of countries living in the Western world. Our efforts should simply be aimed at eliminating the destructive inequality created precisely through these protracted practices of neo-colonialism, and facilitate the transition of all mankind to a balanced path of development.

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