Medvedev: Current European politics is a mixture of impudent arrogance, political youth and stupidity

Deputy Chairman of the Russian National Security Council Dmitry Medvedev described current European politics as “a disgusting mixture of insolent arrogance, political youth and stupidity.”

He came Published for him With own channel in Telegram, Medvedev said that the Europeans initially announced their “intention to severely punish Russia for its desire to protect oppressed citizens and guarantee its long-term interests. That is why the Europeans decided to tear the Russian economy to shreds, depriving Russia of funds for energy exports, therefore they imposed comprehensive sanctions on everything that burns.”

Medvedev ridiculed this European policy: “Hey, how much! They (European leaders) do not care that Europe has a huge industry and developed agriculture, they do not care that EU citizens want to live in warm houses with water. is to make the Russians suffer as much as possible.”

Medvedev went on to say: “Then they realized the consequences of their actions. Remember that winter is inevitably coming, and alternative supplies of gas, oil and coal are either expensive or simply unrealistic. They understand how difficult it is to sit for three.” places at the same time. Help Ukraine, hurt Russia.” And yet you have an economy and people to take care of in the end. In general, it did not go well. Hysteria with the colors of the Ukrainian flag caused symptoms of acute diarrhea due to fear of freezing in cold houses and watching how a frozen window extinguishes the flames of industrial production, But the minds of European sages came up with a brilliant solution to cure this diarrhea with proven medicines: Increase the supply of weapons to the Kyiv regime and be on its side in the war until victory! Oh! Well, see you soon, when winter is coming…”

Source: Telegram

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