Mediterranean Games. Table of medals after the competition on Wednesday

Turkey continued to lead with 18 gold medals as Algeria dropped to 3rd overall in the Mediterranean Games, in the Algerian city of Oran.

The Algerian players are at the forefront of the Arab countries with various medals: 13 medals, 6 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze, and they are in third place overall behind Turkey and Italy.

The Algerian team participating in the tournament on Wednesday added a silver medal in petanque and a bronze medal in boxing at 91 kg.

Egypt is second in the Arab world and fifth overall with 22 medals, 5 gold, silver and 12 bronze medals Egypt received 7 different medals yesterday (1 gold medal in judo – 6 bronze medals).

While the Tunisian delegation finished third in the Arab world and seventh overall with 12 medals, 3 golds, 4 silvers and 5 bronzes, Tunisia won two golds in the steel ball.

Morocco is 17th overall with 6 medals, 1 silver and 5 bronzes, while the Libyan players are at the bottom of the standings with one bronze medal in a steel ball.

Twenty-six countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, bordering the Mediterranean, participate in the 19th Mediterranean Games, competing in 19 sports: athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, weapons, gymnastics, handball, karate, archery, tennis. , taekwondo, volleyball, bow and arrow, judo, sailing, table tennis, weightlifting, wrestling and equestrian sports.

Source: RT

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