Media: Serb wounded at checkpoint in northern Kosovo

Kosovo media reported that a Serb was wounded at one of the checkpoints set up by the separatist region’s police.

The Kosovo Online website states that “an accident occurred near the Yarina checkpoint, in which Serb N.V. was injured. from Lechak, he was taken to the medical center of Kosovska Mitrovica.”

After 18:00, sirens were turned on in Kosovska Mitrovica… In front of the new, unilaterally declared Kosovo border police, near the administrative center of Yarin, fighters of a rapid reaction detachment in helmets and bulletproof vests lined up.

According to media reports, about 200 Albanians have gathered in the southern part of the city near the Modi bridge on the north side, from where the Serbs plan to go en masse to the construction of barriers.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said earlier Sunday during a speech to citizens that the Kosovo police would launch an operation in the north of the province at midnight on August 1 and prevent the entry of citizens with personal documents issued by Belgrade.

Source: News + RT

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