Media: Orban carried Biden because "Tsunami punishment" Responsibility for the weakening of the European economy

Hungarian media reported that Prime Minister Viktor Orban, during a closed meeting of his party, blamed US President Joe Biden for weakening the European economy due to support for Kyiv.

“According to the Prime Minister, Europe has become weaker over the past year due to the fact that the Biden administration, without any restrictions, defends its interests in Brussels to the detriment of European interests,” the Madiyar Nemzit newspaper pointed out.

According to the newspaper, the prime minister said during a meeting with parliamentarians from the Fidesz Alliance – the Christian Democratic People’s Party that “the measures taken in response to the war (in Ukraine), which is called the” tsunami of sanctions “, began to weaken the European economy, while it didn’t affect America, which is rich in cheap energy.”

The newspaper added that Orban pointed out that “European military strength began to wane because the war reduced the stocks of European armies, and he did not pay attention to replacing these stocks with new ones.”

According to the newspaper, Orban believed that “in just a year, Europe lost its independence, its economic and military power.”

The report stated that Orban considered Biden and “pro-war bureaucrats in Brussels and pro-war politicians” as opponents of his party, and stressed the need for “Hungary to defend its independence, which means insisting on a peace-loving stance in the face of the Biden and Brussels administrations.”

Earlier, Orban criticized European sanctions against Russia, which were introduced against the backdrop of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, believing that the rejection of Russian energy resources increases energy costs several times.

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