Media: Netanyahu set up a secret camera during a meeting with the American delegation

On Wednesday evening, Hebrew media reported that Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu set up a secret camera while meeting with a delegation of Democratic and Republican members of Congress.

And the Hebrew website Valla reported: “A member of the American delegation noticed a video camera in the room, which was turned on by one of Netanyahu’s advisers, while Netanyahu shoved a microphone into his hand.”

The Hebrew website added: “The US ambassador asked Netanyahu why he put the microphone in his hand, but Netanyahu tried to evade by saying, ‘It’s nothing’, noting that informed sources said the ambassador and the senators were not convinced, which made them feel uncomfortable.

And the site continued, quoting a source familiar with the details: “Netanyahu wanted to film and record the meeting that took place on Monday to use in his propaganda campaign for the upcoming Knesset elections.

Source: agencies

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