Media: Japanese company pays the highest price for a batch of liquefied gas

Japan’s Nippon Steel Corp has bought what is considered the most valuable shipment of liquefied natural gas in the country’s history, sources told Reuters.

The deal comes amid growing fears that LNG supplies from Russia will be disrupted or halted.

The agency quotes a source: “Based on the standards of a ship carrying liquefied gas, the cost of the shipment will be from 132 to 135 million dollars, depending on the authorized tonnage.”

The source noted that this makes this shipment the most expensive shipment of liquefied natural gas purchased by Japan.

It is noteworthy that the delivery of this batch of liquefied gas will take place in September next year.

However, the source did not say from whom the Japanese company purchased LNG.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on the introduction of emergency measures in the energy sector and the nationalization of the investment company Sakhalin Energy, in which the Japanese companies Mitsubishi and Mitsui own a stake. Sakhalin Energy Limited became the property of the Russian Federation, and the state established a limited liability company, to which all rights and obligations of a foreign company are transferred.

Gazprom Sakhalin Holding will receive a share in Sakhalin-2 in proportion to its share in Sakhalin Energy.

Source: RIA Novosti

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