Media in Hebrew: Operation Last Dawn against Gaza will not be enough "Hizb Allah"

The Jewish site Walla looked at some of the details of Operation Dawn, launched by the Israeli army on the 5th of last month against the Gaza Strip, and asked questions about what will be the next battle with Hezbollah?

The site described the operation as “one of the most accurate and fastest” operations by the Israeli army in the past two decades and said it “proved the capabilities of the Israeli army” and spoke of a “colossal achievement over the course of 55 years”. hours”, which is the expected duration, but the website states that all this does not mean that the operation “will be sufficient against the Lebanese Hezbollah”.

And the site explained: “Given the winds of war blowing out of Lebanon, it is estimated that all this will not be enough to stop the rocket attacks” by the side.

The Walla website said that the operation involved all the capabilities of the Israeli army, in addition to the Shin Bet, with the Iron Dome and drones, among other things, which allowed the Islamic Jihad to be hit hard, the site said.

Details of Operation Dawn

Wallah said 51 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, including “two senior Islamic Jihad operational commanders (Northern Sector Commander and Southern Sector Commander) and other high-ranking officials in the Islamic Jihad armed forces. Traffic.”

He added that “1,175 rockets were fired at Israel” and that the Iron Dome had carried out about 450 interception operations, and said there was a 97 percent chance of success in doing so.

The Israeli army has carried out more than 170 attacks on Islamic Jihad targets, according to a website that indicated that the Palestinian health ministry said three women, more than ten children, and hundreds of injured were among the Palestinians killed, and Israeli army officials said that some of the dead were due to failed rocket launches, which, they said, led to the fall of rockets inside the Gaza Strip (about 200 rockets).

The site quoted a high-ranking Israeli army officer that the Jihad missiles had been fired poorly, and attributed the reason to the fact that his army had “damaged movement capabilities long before the operation began.”

He said Shin Bet and Aman’s achievements included “accurate intelligence that has been collected about jihad over a long period of time and the timing of the first attack against northern sector commander Tayseer al-Jabari.”

He indicated that this was done “while most members of the organization were ‘sleeping’ and getting ready for Friday prayers.”

The site quotes a Southern Command officer as saying that the attack was sudden and the movement didn’t expect it, “they were shocked by the attack and didn’t expect it to happen.”

What will happen in the next confrontation?

The Israeli officer replied that “the challenge against Hamas will be much more difficult … and of course the story will be different against Hezbollah.”

the most difficult

Walla’s website says the Israeli army is “pleased with the achievements of Operation Dawn” but at the same time makes it clear that Hamas is more deadly and sophisticated than Jihad, as is Hezbollah, which fires over 100,000 rockets and projectiles. to Israel.”

The site concluded by saying that all the capabilities brought about by Operation Dawn will not be enough to stop Hezbollah’s rocket bombardments when thousands of rockets fall on Israel over the course of several days, and the Israeli army is unable to cope with numerous launch problems. .

Source: Walla’s website in Hebrew.

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