Media in Hebrew: group "piracy" Pro-Iranian organization announces hacking of Tel Aviv Municipality website

Jewish channel I24 reported that a “group of pirates” loyal to Iran announced on Monday morning that it had hacked into the website of the Tel Aviv Municipality.

The channel reported that the Al-Tahera group, a pro-Iranian “pirate” group (according to I24), announced on Monday morning that it had hacked and taken down the Tel Aviv Municipality website, noting that “the site was taken down earlier on Monday morning, but now it is working normally”, where the Tel Aviv municipality clarified that “the incident was resolved in the shortest possible time”.

And “I24” pointed out that “the attack is a denial of the DDoS service, which is considered very simple, as it causes a deliberate load on the user and thereby drops the site, but does not allow data theft,” explaining that the “Al Tahera has been behind a series of attacks on Israeli websites in recent weeks, including the Mashlouha food delivery service, the Airports Authority and Israel Post.

I24 reported that “About a week ago, the group claimed to have attacked the Tel Aviv metro and advised residents of the city to call a taxi, while it is known that there is no metro in Tel Aviv, and practically the hackers succeeded in bringing down the Neta website .” “(Electric Transportation Roads) Behind Planning for Future Metro Project”.

Source: “I24”

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