Media: Germany plans to supply Ukraine with more howitzers

The German news agency DPA reported, citing sources in the German Ministry of Defense, that Berlin plans to supply Ukraine with more automatic howitzers.

According to the agency, negotiations are underway with the Netherlands and another European country after Ukraine has supplied 7 German-made PzH 2000 automatic guns from Germany and 5 guns of the same type from the Netherlands.

Kyiv stated that they needed a total of 18 of these guns to supply the entire artillery battalion.

Sources told DPA that the German government intends to comply with the request of Ukraine and is discussing deliveries with partners, as it is planned that Germany will provide two or three guns of this type, and the rest of the guns will be delivered by partners.

In a statement to the Bild newspaper, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba urged Germany and other countries to expedite the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine, noting that Kyiv needs rocket launchers and 155mm artillery.

Last Tuesday, the German government for the first time published a list of weapons that it transferred to Ukraine, and a plan for future deliveries, which includes 30 anti-aircraft systems of the Gebbard type, Iris-T and Mars missiles. launchers and other weapons, except for 22 trucks and 80 Toyota vehicles.

Source: agencies

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