Media: Death of a senior military employee in the field of rocket science in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported the death of a high-ranking Taiwanese military official, Oyan Lisin, who worked in the field of rocket science.

The agency added that he was found dead in a hotel room in Pingtung County in the south of the island, noting that, according to preliminary data, the employee died as a result of a heart attack.

The agency said that Oyang Lixing was the vice president of the Junshan Institute of Science and Technology, formerly part of the Taiwan Defense Ministry’s Armaments Bureau, and was involved in the invention, production and maintenance of various systems for weapons and dual-use technologies.

In 2014, the institute became an administrative institution directly under the island government and is currently one of Taiwan’s largest defense contractors. The Institute invents, manufactures and markets defense technology and weapons, and oversees international technology cooperation and information sharing.

Oyang Lisin was appointed to this position earlier this year to lead various rocket invention and production projects.

The employee was on a working visit to Pingtung County, where he was expected to participate in some activities. His assistant found him dead in his hotel room at 07:20 am on Saturday.

For their part, the police said they did not find any evidence that someone entered the premises, and there were no signs of conflict or visible injuries on the body of the employee. Police quoted his family as saying the 57-year-old had heart problems.

Source: RIA Novosti

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