Media: Biden adviser considers a return to the Iranian nuclear agreement less likely

US media reported that US National Security Council Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk considers a return to an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program “unlikely.”

Axios, citing informed sources, said McGurk told a panel last week that a return to an agreement was unlikely because “the Iranians can’t make a decision.”

McGurk suggested that Iran wants the United States “to add something” to the deal to help Iranian officials who want a deal in their dispute with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, but the US administration “won’t do that,” according to sources. .

In the absence of an agreement in the near future, the Biden administration intends to use sanctions and diplomatic isolation to put pressure on Iran, but without “undue escalation of the situation” and only with the use of force in an exceptional case, the report said.

And over the dispute between Washington and Israel, it is noted that opinions differ not on a possible military strike, but on whether the US should seek to revive the 2015 agreement or push for a “stronger and more lasting” deal.

Axios noted that the White House declined to comment on information from these sources.

It should be noted that the latest round of indirect negotiations between the US and Iran in Doha on the nuclear deal ended without any significant progress and without announcing a new date for the resumption of negotiations.

Source: Axios

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