Media: A laptop was stolen from a German military during a secret NATO seminar in Paris

French media reported that intelligence agencies are looking for a man who stole a laptop from German soldiers during a secret NATO symposium in Paris on July 1.

The newspaper “Le Canard Enchaine” reports that the symposium held in Paris after the NATO summit in Madrid was devoted to missile defense at sea.

According to the publication, a soldier of the German General Staff left the room where the meeting was held, and upon returning did not find the laptop left on the table.

According to a report filed with the police, the laptop contained “secret software for certain countries.”

After analyzing the video recordings from surveillance cameras, a bearded man suspected of the theft was seen, who managed to deceive the guards and entered the building, where he immediately went into the hall, where he pretended to be one of the participants in the meeting.

It is believed that the man managed to steal the device from the courtroom and was inside the building for 10 minutes.

And the police, the Department of Internal Security and French military intelligence are involved in the search for the suspect.

And the newspaper Le Canard Enchaine reported on the comments of the US military about the incident, which consider the incident an act of espionage, since the suspect had a plan of action and knowledge of the location of the rooms in the building.

The newspaper indicated that the specialists managed to block the device remotely, but it is not known whether the hijackers managed to steal information from it.

Source: TASS

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