Mbappe and Neymar crisis… Faiza Al-Amari talks about the latest developments in her son’s crisis in… "princes garden"

Faiza Al-Ammari, the mother of French striker Kylian Mbappe of French club Paris Saint-Germain, spoke about the latest developments in her son’s crisis with fellow Brazilian player Neymar at the Princes’ Garden.

And the crisis between Neymar and Mbappe began during the confrontation with Monellier in the second week of the French championship, due to the conversion of the second penalty, which the Brazilian asked to pay after discussion between them, especially after Mbappe missed the penalty in the first half.

Mbapp√©’s mother confirmed that matters were being resolved within the club and that water levels among the players had returned to normal, according to statements released by the Spanish News Agency.

But Al-Amari declined to comment on the acute crisis between the two stars, although Brazilian media reported that Mbappe was isolated within the team due to the wide powers granted to him by Paris Saint-Germain after a contract extension.

The dispute, according to French newspapers, moved into the locker room, with Neymar making things worse by hitting the “Like” button on several social media posts criticizing his French counterpart.

And the Paris club’s sporting director, Luis Campos, met Neymar and Mbappe last Sunday to warn them that domestic issues must be handled in the shadows.

Source: agencies

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