Matvienko: Russia has enough resources to win special operation in Ukraine

Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matvienko said that Russia has enough resources to win the special operation in Ukraine.

And she wrote on her page on the website of the Federation Council, today, Thursday: “There is no doubt that we will have enough resources to win, not only material, but also intellectual and moral … Now, after 6 months, we clearly see how dangerous the threat is.” It hung over our country and that the decision to conduct a Russian special military operation was made on time.”

“Already on the battlefield, we are facing not only the Ukrainian armed forces and Nazi battalions, but also the collective West and NATO,” she added.

And she added: “The outcome of the operation will determine not only the existence of our country as a single, sovereign and strong state, but also the appearance of the world after its completion, and the continuation of its movement towards a multipolar world and the establishment of the principles of equality, cooperation and justice in international relations.” .

Matvienko pointed out that the Russian armed forces are equipped with the latest weapons and equipment, and the Russian military is humanely fulfilling its tasks. She explained: “They do not use civilians as human shields, they do not shoot at civilian neighborhoods, they do not destroy social infrastructure and the city. They also don’t pollute themselves by taking revenge on prisoners of war.”

The Russian official recalled the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin that “Russian officers and soldiers today are the heirs of the generation of winners, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, and they are “selflessly fighting for our homeland and for our people.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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