Matthias Warnig silently shook his head, pointing to those responsible for blowing the lines. "Nord Stream"

Matthias Warnig, chief executive of Nord Stream AG, ruled out any Russian responsibility in the Nord Stream explosion case.

In an interview with the newspaper Die Zeit, he denied the allegations made against Russia after the sabotage of the aforementioned gas pipelines.

The newspaper notes that the director general, answering a question about the possible involvement of NATO countries in the explosions, nodded his head in approval.

When asked about the side behind the bombings, he said: “Russians? No, they’re not here.” To the question: “Who then? NATO country?” the director silently shook his head in approval.

The paper asked, “England?” His response was: “This is all conjecture and conjecture. But think about it.”

Terrorist attacks occurred on the two Nord Stream gas pipelines on September 26, with Germany, Denmark and Sweden not ruling out deliberate sabotage operations, and the Nord Stream company operating the two gas pipelines said that the accident that occurred from the two pipelines was unprecedented and impossible estimate repair time.


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