Massive Voter Turnout Marks Conclusion of Turkish Elections

Our correspondent reported that Turkey’s elections are seeing a large turnout, which is expected to increase in the next few hours before the polls close.

Polling stations opened their doors today, Sunday, and voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections began in all parts of Turkey.

Turkish citizens will vote in the elections from 8:00 to 17:00 local time (15:00 Moscow time).

Turks will vote in more than 191,000 ballot boxes across the country to elect a new president for a 5-year term and select members of parliament.

60 million 697 thousand 843 voters will take part in the elections, of which 4 million 904 thousand voters will vote for the first time.

There are 24 political parties and 151 independent candidates in the race.

The Turkish High Electoral Commission has taken various measures in the 11 states affected by the February 6 earthquake to properly conduct elections in designated collection centers.

It is prohibited to bring mobile phones and cameras into the polling place as these devices will be left in the voting booth to be picked up after the voting process is over.

It is also prohibited to provide news, forecasts and comments on the results of the elections on the radio and by any means of broadcasting before 18:00.

The ban on broadcasting the elections will be lifted after 21:00 and the Turkish Electoral Authority may lift the ban before that time.

Source: RT+ Anatolia

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