Mass escape of Ukrainian paratroopers

The special forces of the Russian Guard “Rosguard” in the Luhansk People’s Republic seized evidence of a mass escape of Ukrainian paratroopers, according to a message published by the press service of the guard.

The statement read: “The special forces of the Russian Guard seized documents confirming the facts of mass desertion of military personnel, as well as dozens of soldiers and sergeants of the paratrooper companies of the 2nd paratrooper battalion of military unit No. A1126 at the forefront of defense. , left from April to June, without permission. under all sorts of pretexts. Names, surnames, names, military positions and ranks were mentioned in documents in dozens of reports received from the battalion.

In addition, some Ukrainian paratroopers are fleeing at every opportunity, including not returning from family leave, in addition, the search for housing by the military authorities ends in vain, and they stop responding to any messages.

Source: RIA Novosti

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